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You know you went to an all girls chool when:

-At one point in time, you liked your uniform - well.. I guess. multi purpose kilt.. = picnic blanket.

-You have a way of making yourself look so innocent when everyone knows that you really aren't - yes.

-You or at least your friends take their shoes off in class and its no biggie - um.. I don't recall that..

-All your guy friends wish they went to your school - well... no.. they don't..

-There's always the segregated groups but somehow they get along anyway - well, no.. we were all bitchy.

-It cost you about 100 bucks to park in the school parking lot - no, no one could drive, silly. Drivings for boys.

-Everyone hugged each other to greet people - kissing was very popular, and yeah, hugs were ok..

-At dances, you formed an all-girls circle where no guys could take over - THats right. Or in our case, we'd bitch in the corner

-Girls can dance WITH other girls and thats a normal thing - yeah, duh. Boys are icky.

-You're blonde, once were, wish you were, or just act like it - yeah, I am.

-You violated as many dress codes as possible and when you get caught, you pretended that you 'didnt know' - probably.

-At least one of your friends thought that she was pregnant by junior year - Damn rice..!!! HAHAHHAHA..

-You have NO problem joking around about being a lesbian - Omg~! We still don't.. although, some people are convinced we are.

-You spent many a religion class listening to your teacher preach about the Church's take on premarital sex, abortion, and the death penalty - they wouldnt tell us it existed. that's not how babies happen.. *twitch*. Not only were we feminists, but we were CATHOLIC feminists.. therefore, marriage was the only thing in life to look up to.

-You SERIOUSLY don't know how to shut up - well... we ARe girls.yo.

-"Remember whens" are your specialty - YES!!!!! FOREVEr~

-At least one of your friends names are Jennifer, Christina, Sarah, Katie, Megan, or Lauren - yes.. Sarah.

-Guys ask you if you still have your uniform and if you would wear it for them -I gave mine to the chool, free of charge, all but my kilt.. which I will one day use as a picnic rug.

-Your skirts stopped fitting, but were too cheap/lazy to buy new ones, so you just pinned them - no, my mum would sew an extra button on ^_^

-Shaving your legs was optional, even when wearing skirts. Actually, putting any effort into your appearance was optional - quite the contrary. You were the devil if you diddnt. Now though, were having competitions to see who can have the longest leg hair.. and thats at the senior chool. I was really dissapointed though, because I had to break my record when I went to the ball. Curse it.

-Whenever guys came on campus, the entire school knew their names, cars they were driving, which school they were from and eye color within minutes - well, the guys school was next door.. couldnta been that bad...

-Rumors get spread around like malaria - hayell yes. But there worse now.

-You're not afraid yell out "Does anyone have a tampon?" in the middle of a crowded hallway - Yeah, but then again, we still do that..

-You have at some point or other been called a slut and/or whore either as a joke or seriously - Probably.

-You actually know grammar - Yes. I believe I must somewhere...

-Your skirt has never, nor ever will be, less than 6 inches above your knee - actually, it stayed down, because otherwise, my heel would rip it as I had the lowest locker every year.

-You've master the art of rolling your skirt - no, I never bothered.

-You and your friends can devour a cake, brownies, cookies, etc in two minutes or less - yes!

-At least one of your friends pretended to be a girl and applied at your school - well.. no..

-At least five girls in your class had some sort of eating disorder - AHAHHAHAHAHA *hides*

-Your school plans your "Senior Ditch Day" - well.. yeah.

-You went on retreat at least once a year.. Correct. It wouldnt be a Chool without a "retreat". And Dont you DARE call it a Camp.

-Your counselors actually knew your name, what grade you were in, what classes you were taking, and the names of your family members - Yes, They did. Dag's always knew.. and everyone knew more about my sister than me, even though she haddnt been there for 12 years.

-PMS is normal, and no one cares - No, we were all very suppourtive..

-The horrible break up you just had with your boyfriend has already been spread around campus, and even some of your teachers know about it - my gosh.. it really was that long ago, wasnt it.. yeah, I suppose they all did..

-Every year there's a new uniform rule - YES~ freaking chool..

-You feel sorry for the freshmen that actually take the uniform seriously - HAHAHAH Yes!~ But they have no choice.. Daria.

-At somepoint you've worn a sweatshirt all day because you weren't wearing the uniform shirt. - ..nnno...

-You always plan on starting your diet next week--you never actually fulfill it - thats RIGHT!~

-You had a self defense class where they taught you the grab, twist and pull - no, dissapointingly enough..

-You knew the shortest way to the all boys school and could make it there in under ten minutes - well, naturally.. it was nextdoor.

-You wish you could wear sweat pants everywhere, even formal events - ^_^ no.

-You've been to numerous formal events, more than you ever thought you would - I guess.

-Wearing make-up FOR school is rare unless there's pictures to be taken that day - never. Not allowed anyway.

-Sometimes you don't even wear a bra to school - year 7?
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